2023 31 January Fa


Research is the basis of sustainable development. Applying scientific approaches to field and operational activities prevents arising of problems.

Applying research findings helps resolve the problems hindering technological progress and decreases costs, increases income, boosts productivity, and helps make the best of installations and human resources.

PEDEC’s R&D was established in July 2000 by ratification of the Council of Deputies to develop research activities and to gather study findings in oil industry. This section has started operational and executive stages and we have still a long way ahead of us.

  • Training

Using up-to-date knowledge ensures the survival of industrial and economic activities and organizations in this world of wonder. When we provide workforce with expert knowledge in an organization, we are practically preventing the loss of fund and guaranteeing the survival and progress of the organization in various industrial, business, productive and executive activities.

PEDEC’s training courses are of two types: in the first type which is mostly considered a pre-planned training, the employees are provided with complete knowledge about the company and its structure; whereas, the second type is a special practical training which is based on the time and the needs of each PEDEC’s development project in particular.