2023 28 January Fa

The First Domestically Built Electro Pump Transfers to Goreh_Jask Pump House No.2


TEHRAN (PEDEC)-The first 3.2 MW Electro pump domestically manufactured was transferred to pump house No.2 in Goreh- Jask Oil Transfer Pipline Project on 13th February.

Passing successfully through the necessary tests, the first 3.2 MW electropump was transferred to pump house No.2 in Goreh- Jask Oil Transfer  Pipline Project on 13th  February , Ali Jafarzade deputy head of the project said.

He continued: “ for the first phase of Gore –Jask Pipeline project to be operational, 4 electro pumps are needed and this is the first one transferred to the site.”
Stressing on domestically manufactured of the electro pump Jafarzade said:” installation and launch activities has been in the agenda simultaneously with the arrival of the electro pump to the pump house No.2.”

He mentioned the electro pump as the “beating heart” of the pump houses and added: “with arrival of this equipment, launching process will be accelerated and in near future the first phase of this project will be operational.”

Iran is building the pipeline to transfer oil from Goreh to Jask oil terminal.