2023 30 March Fa

Development Project of Masjed Soleiman Oilfield

Main Objectives

  • Increasing a daily production of 10,000 barrels of crude oil to the current production
  • Carrying out reservoir studies, using horizontal drilling technology, installation of ESP, and producing oil from the 100-year-oil field of Masjed Soleiman

Contract Type

The main development of the field made by a buyback contract; however, other activities such as: construction of oil pipelines for production unit, installation of poles and electric transmission lines, construction of sweet gas pipelines for consumption, and installation of radio communication systems for production unit were taken from NIOC internal resources.

Geographical Location

It lies 125 kilometers to the northeast of Ahwaz in the city of Majsed Soleiman.

Implementation Period

We are resolving the problems for recommissioning of facilities.


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