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Development Project of Kish Gas Field

Main Objectives

To protect previous investments, NIOC Board of Directors issued an approval on May 23, 2014 upon which the first phase of the Development Project of Kish Gas Field began to produce 1 billion cubic feet of gas and 11,300 barrels of stabilized condensates.

Main activities of the first phase are: production of 1 billion cubic feet of gas from 13 production wells in clusters 1 and 2 in Kish Island and transferring it to the mainland, treatment of gas in the refinery and transmission of light gas through 56-inch pipeline to the seventh national pipeline, and export of gas condensates through SPM.

Contract Type

The remaining activities are being carried out from internal resources of NIOC and an MOU is signed with foreign and local companies for studying future phases of the field.

Geographical Location

Kish Gas Field lies in the Persian Gulf. It is located in east, 60 kilometers from of Lavan Island. This field was explored in 1968 through 2-D seismic operation. The gas reservoirs of Kangan and Dalan in Kish Gas Field lie at a depth of 3,200 to 5,000 meters below in the island and the surrounding waters in the Persian Gulf.

The dimensions of Kish Gas Field is about 25*32 kilometers and the thickness of gas column of the reservoirs is estimated to be over 1,200 meters. The reservoir pressure at a depth of 3,850 meters below sea level is 7,378 pound per square inch.

Implementation Period

18 months (based on Board of Directors’ approval on Nov. 23, 2014


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