2023 28 January Fa

PEDEC’s CEO Congratulates on Iranian New Year

Tehran (PEDEC)- CEO of Petroleum Engineering and Development Company, Touraj Dehghani, in a message congratulated on Norouz 1400 , the beginning of new year in Iran (20 March 2021)  and thanked the oil industry staff specially pedec’s  staff for their hard work over the past year and added that despite some hardships, Iranian oil industry succeeded to move forward in the course of progress and transcendence.

In part of his message, Dehghani said: although arriving the new year is the end of a year full of efforts , it is the beginning of another year serving Iranians. Spring has arrived with enthusiasm and vitality to prepare the people of Iranian homeland to start their new year with success.

It is hoped due to great thoughts of researchers, elites and industrialists of the country and the abilities of our engineers, employees, workers as well as all the Iranians’ efforts across the country, we could take great steps forward in the new year and succeed to approach our targets in different areas

The message continues: ‘On this auspicious day I wish you all the happiness in life and hope to be safe from Covid-19  living new year with your family. May joy and pride pave your way.


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21 / 3 / 2021