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Development Project of North Azadegan Oil Field

Main Objectives

Phase 1: Daily production of 75,000 barrels of crude oil (accomplished successfully)

Phase 2: Daily production of 150,000 barrels of crude oil (including Phase 1)

Contract Type

Phase 1: buyback

Phases 2: under negotiation

Geographical Location

This field, as a part of Azadegan Oil Field, is some 460 kilometers square in area. It lies some 120 kilometers to the west of Ahwaz, in Hurolhoveizah Marshi.e. in Iran-Iraq borderline (southwest of Iran). The oil in place of the field is 6.5 billion barrels of crude oil.

Implementation Period

 Phase 1 started in Nov. 2016 in the presence of the president.


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10 / 3 / 2017