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Construction of Crude Oil Strategic Storage Tanks

Main Objectives

Phase 1: construction of 3 steel strategic storage tanks with the capacity of 3 million barrels of oil in Siri, Bahregan and Ahwaz.

Phase 2: Construction of 7 concrete strategic storage tanks with a total capacity of 5 million barrels of crude oil including: Omidiyeh (2 concrete tanks for 1 million barrels), Gureh (6 concrete tanks for 4 million barrels).

The main aims of this project are: preventing the production fluctuation and emergency production reduction, stabilization and continuing of crude oil production, and increasing the crude oil export in emergencies.

Contract Type


Geographical Location

Gureh Project: It is located beside Gurreh Pump station, 40 kilometers north of Bandar Genaveh in Bushehr Province.

Omidiyeh Project: It is located beside Marun 2 desalination unit, 14 kilometers west of Omidiyeh in Khuzestan province.

Implementation Period

The project will be completed in February 2018


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