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Gathering of Associated Gases of AMAK (Phase 2, Environment)

Main Objectives

Phase 2 consists of environmental activities: construction of 96 kilometers of 12-inch-pipeline for acid gas transmission, installation of a station for pressure-boosting and dehydration of acid gas, installations of other safety and processing systems.

By completion of phase 2 we prevent the flare of some daily 18 million cubic feet of acid gas. The produced acid gas from phase 2 (18 million cubic feet per day) will be directly transferred to Razi Petrochemical Complex.

Contract Type


Geographical Location

In Khuzestan Province between Ahwaz, Ramhormoz, Shadgan and Bandar Imam Khomeini in an area of 6,000 kilometers square.

Implementation Period

Ready for production in March, 2017


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9 / 3 / 2017