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Iran Signs MOU for Zagheh Heavy Oil Field Development

Development contract of Zgheh oil field was signed between Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC) and Russian Tatneft Company with Iran’s minister of petroleum Rostam Qasemi and Tatarstan Republic Rostam Minnikhanov in attendance.

According to PEDEC Public Relations, the contract was signed, here on Sunday, 18 December 2011, by Naji Sadoni, managing director of the Petroleum Engineering and Development Company, and his counterpart from Russian Tatneft Company to develop Zagheh heavy oil field.

By signing the contract, production capacity of the oil field is set boost by seven thousand barrels per day in the first phase and 55 thousand barrels per day in the second phase.
First well of the oil field, which was drilled many years ago, had been abandoned. However, now NIOC plans to gain more accurate data on the heavy oil field by drilling the second well.

3D seismic operations, data processing, PSTM and PSDM processing operations are among the activities that have been carried out previously in the field. 

Zagheh oil field is located 25 kilometers away from port city of Deilam.

According to the MOU signed by the two parts, Bank Tat is planned to fund the development plan.

Drilling operation of 11 wells including 9 production wells, 1delineation well, and a wastewater disposal well will be carried out.

In order to fully develop the field, processing installations with the capacity of 55 thousand barrels of heavy oil are required as well.


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18 / 12 / 2011