2020 1 October Fa

Local Consortiums Ready to Participate in NGL3200 Deal

PEDEC executive for NGL3200 said that qualification assessment of local contractors has come to an end, adding once the project is implemented, burning of over 1 bcf of associated gas would be prevented.

Ali Abbasi, NGL executive, was quoted as saying that regarding NGL3200 plant, basic design and qualification assessment of local contractors have been concluded and the relevant tender would soon be held.   

He referred to the readiness of 6 local contractors to take part in the project and reiterated NGL3200 was to be implemented at 40km Ahvaz-Khoramshahr Road, but the project is to be carried out at Jofeir three-way due to Arvandan Oil and Gas Production Company’ request.

“Implementing NGL3200 project would prevent the burning of over 1 billion cubic feet of associated gas from Yaad Avaran, Azadegan, Jofier and Band-e-Karkheh fields”, Abbasi said.

NGL3200 plant is located in the west of Karoon River and has the capacity of over 500 million cubic feet of gas a day (at two units, each 250 million cf/d).Implementing the project would yield some 280 mcf/d of light and sweet gas which is injected in to the oil reservoirs and the surplus would be transferred to the cross country pipeline. Also, over 72 thousand barrels of liquefied gas would be produced which would feed petrochemical olefin unit and the produced sulfur of the plant would be used for local consumption as well as export.-PEDEC


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