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OPEC Registering Iran’s Offer on PR Meetings

Petroleum ministry’s website quoted Mr. Royvar as saying Iranian minister of petroleum, Rostam Qasemi has authorized public relations department to publish the periodical named Iran Petroleum Bulletin which will cover OPEC issues mainly.

He also reported of reaching agreement on holding regular meetings of the public relations departments of the oil ministries/national oil companies of OPEC members.

Referring to a meeting held earlier this month in Tehran with OPEC’s Secretary General, Abdullah Al-Badri in attendance, Royvar said: In this meeting we offered holding regular meetings of public relations departments of OPEC members which was okayed by the OPEC’s Secretary General and the Iranian minister of petroleum and will be registered in OPEC on the name of Iran.

According to Royvar OPEC’s public relations’ meetings will be held annually on a rotating basis in OPEC member countries. ‘The event can pave the way for signing news and cultural memorandum of understandings and exchange of information’, Royvar added.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the official noted that the ministry of petroleum plans to get help from knowledge, experience and capabilities of oil industry’s retired forces by creating a data bank. -shana


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