2022 25 June Fa

Iran to Launch Goreh-Jask National Oil Pipeline

TEHRAN (PEDEC) – The CEO of the National Iranian Oil Company, pointing out that the oil injection was done in the direction of the Goreh-Jask strategic oil transfer plan, adding: “This huge plan will be officially launched in the coming days.”

According to the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), Massoud Karbasian stated that the stages of launching and operating the Goreh-Jask national project are about to be carried out in a favorable manner: “It has been about two months now that Pump House No. 2 and other operational units  are in a stable position to transfer crude oil to the Jask terminal, and the injection and transfer of oil to the line is done in a stable manner.”

He added: “Oil will soon reach the final terminal of this project, and in Jask Terminal, with the measures taken, there is  readiness to receive and then load the first shipment and export oil.”

The Deputy Minister of Petroleum emphasized: “The equipment required for this project was made using Iranian power and more than 91% of them are completely made in Iran.”

Courtesy of Shana


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