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Iran to Commence Crud oil delivery from Gore to Jask in Coming Days: PEDEC’s CEO

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Tehran (PEDEC)- Touraj Dehghani, Managing Director of Petroleum Engineering and Development Company announced that sending 300,000 barrels per day crude oil from Gore to Jask will be started in the upcoming days.

Touraj Dehghani, while visiting and reviewing the latest status of the construction of the Goreh-Jask strategic Project, stated: “All parties involved in the project are working round-the-clock and are attempting to launch the first phase of this strategic plan. The Pumphouse No. 2, as the “beating heart” of the first phase of the project, will be completed and launched in the next few days.

Expressing that the connection of the pipeline at the origin to the Genaveh reservoirs was made, Dehghani said: in the coming days, oil will be injected and transferred to the next areas through the pump house No. 2.

Emphasizing that the development activities of other areas have also been completed, he expressed hope that the first phase of the project will be launched as soon as possible.

The CEO of Petroleum Engineering and Development Company, referring to the 90% progress of pump house No. 2 and emphasizing the completion of all activities related to safe start-up, said: “Currently, sending 300 to 330 thousand barrels per day of crude oil is accessible through 4 electric pumps of this pump house.”

He added: “The time record for the completion of this project is unique in its kind so that if we compare the current progress of this project with the latest status in last year at this time, it is evident that slightly more than 10% progress was made, and now in the same month of this year, with the round-the-clock collaboration of all parties involved in this project we will witness the project accomplishment.

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