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for the first Time at West Karoun in North Yaran

Installation of The Third Generation of SRP

TEHRAN (PEDEC) – The third generation of sucker-rod pump (SRP) was installed for the first time in ​​West Karoun oil fields at well No. 14 of North Yaran field and increased the oil production capacity of this joint field.

Mohammad Ali Ajdari, head of the North Yaran oil field development project said: “After about a year of successful installation of the first downhole pump (ESP) in this joint field, this July for the first time in the West Karoun oil fields cluster, the third generation of sucker-rod pumps called SRP was installed in North Yaran Oil Field as well.”

He stating that this pump was installed and launched as a pilot on July 4 continued:  the performance of the pump has been evaluated based on the manufacturer’s instruction and the production conditions of the well and reservoir and also a 72 hour test with the oil flow production of 750 b/d carried out successfully.

According to Ajdari, simplicity of installation and removal, long life of the pump and high energy efficiency equipment in shallows and low maintenance costs and lower capital costs comparing other methods of overflow, are the most important advantages of these pumps.

He added that this domestically manufactured pump would increase productivity of the field by at least 500 barrels per day.

According to this report the first downhole pump (ESP) in this joint oilfield had been installed successfully in well No.4 last year in August.

North Yaran oil field is located 130 km southwest of Ahvaz along the Iran-Iraq border.



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