2020 1 April Fa

PEDEC Carries out Environmental Project in Azar Oilfield

TEHRAN (PEDEC) –  The Executive Director of Azar Oil Field Development Plan announced the completion and launching of an environmental project to transmit the Changuleh river water by constructing a pond on the river.

According to the Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC), Keyvan Yarahmadi said construction of the pond on the Changuleh river, given the appropriate vegetation in the area, had created a natural habitat and ecosystem for the animal species of the region, which attracts thousands of seasonal migratory birds each year.

In construction of the pond, efforts were made to minimize the negative impacts of the aquatic life cycle in the river by building a fish ladder.

Yarahmadi  added: “By constructing and completing the pond and installing a pumping station between the pond and the Central Processing Facility (CPF) of Azar oil field, the withdrawal and transfer of water from the pumping station next to the Changuleh river to a reservoir next to the CPF was made possible in order to meet the facility’s need for water.”

7,200 tons of concrete and mortar was used to build and consolidate the pond.


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