2020 1 April Fa

The Necessity of Implementation of Goreh-Jask Pipeline Project on Schedule: CEO

TEHRAN (PEDEC) _ Touraj Dehghani the CEO of Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC),  mentioning the country’s policies regarding the timely implementation of Goreh-Jask Pipeline Project and said implementation of this national plan was very important to us.


“Timely implementation of this project is of significant and will reduce the costs.” Dehghani said on Wednesday. Domestic Production of 42-inch sheet metals for the Goreh-Jask Pipeline saves Iran 200 million Euro annually. He added.


“The first phase of this project would come online by March 2021.” Dehghani announced.


The pipeline is being built for the transfer of a million barrels of oil on a daily basis from Goreh to Jask oil export terminal.


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