2020 11 August Fa

North Azadegan Output Continues Undisrupted

TEHRAN (PEDEC) – According to SHANA , Esmaeil Gholampour Ahangar, director of the North Azadegan development project, says Iran is outperforming Iraq in recovery from this field and Oil Industries Commissioning and Operation Company (OICO) is operating the project under the supervision of China’s CNPCI.

The director of the North Azadegan development project mentioning the current rate of recovery from North Azadegan which is about 7% ,said: “It is predicted to reach 11% if we manage the reservoirs properly.”

He continued and said: “To reach that figure, we must have enough capacity. We may need specific pumps, but we are facing restrictions now. However, since there are leading pump manufacturing companies in Iran, we can handle the case through reliance on domestic manufacturing mechanism.”

“North Azadegan’s oil is ultra-heavy therefore; its installations have been designed such that we would have maximum efficient recovery from this field.” Gholampour said.

He added: “The drilling of oil wells in North Azadegan is such that we would have maximum efficient output. And we have even envisaged down hole lifting in order to maximize recovery from the field. After three years of production in a row, our wells did not face any pressure fall-off, indicating that our reservoirs are in good conditions.”

Gholampour referring to the reason that NIOC has been awarded the project to CNPC said:  “CNPC was the first contractor for the development project of North Azadegan and it could eliminate any possible problems which may emerge during work in the minimum period of time possible.”

Regarding the operation of Oil Fields he emphasized: “So far,NIOC was in charge of operation of oil fields, but under NIOC’s new policy, Iranian contractors would handle recovery from these fields under NIOC supervision. In this specific project, since under the previous buyback agreement, CNPC would be allowed to develop the second phase at NIOC’s discretion, the operation was assigned to the Chinese. Now if for whatsoever reason they decide to quit work in Iran, we will have replacement plans. Iranian contractors are certainly able to operate the field, as we had already operated similar projects.”

The North Azadegan oil field, covering 460 square kilometers of the greater Azadegan field, is located about 120 kilometers west of the city of Ahwaz. It is jointly owned by Iran and Iraq. It is estimated to hold about 6.5 billion barrels of oil in place.


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