2019 17 July Fa

PEDEC Cuts Oil Output in West Karoun Due to Environmental Concerns

TEHRAN (PEDEC) -The CEO of Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC),Touraj Dehghani,said that a number of wells had been closed in flood- hit in the West Karoun joint oil fields due to environmental consideration and to prevent any possible environmental damages in the area.

The severe flood in Iran which started on 19 March was Iran’s worst flood in 70 years remaining at least 76 people killed and nearly $2.5 billion damages to roads, bridges, homes and farmland .

“In spite of this condition the productivity from West Karoun joint fields is kept at its maximum rate without any technical problem and the water level in Hour-Al-Azim marshes are at maximum level as well, and besides the company has taken its social responsibilities (CSR) into consideration more than ever”. Touraj Dehghani told to a group of reporters while visiting oil facilities and Hour marshes in West Karoun operational areas.

He denying oil leakage into Hour marshes and said:” Water flow in Hour-Al-Azim marshes is taking place without any trouble and so far no oil leaks or oil contamination in wetland has been reported and oil facilities are being monitored continuously.

During this visit Dehghani noted that PEDEC was in talk with Chinese contractors for developing Yadavaran and North Azadegan oil Projects.


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