2019 17 February Fa

South Yaran Oil Production Pass 1 mln bpd

TEHRAN (PEDEC) _ Currently, the early production of oil from 6 wells, drilled in the southwestern oilfield of Sarvak Formation, is more than 10,000 barrels per day and the cumulative production of the field has so far passed the 1 million barrel limit.

Homayoun Kazemini, head of the South Yaran Oil Field Development plan, said that production has begun since the first half of January 2009 and till now the cumulative production of this joint oil field has been more than 1 million barrels of oil.

He added: “Based on the approved MDP, exploitation of 12 other wells at 14000 barrels per day to reach the 24000 barrels per day production ceiling is in the upcoming plan for the development.

South Yaran field is located in 130 kilometers west of Ahwaz along the Iranian-Iraqi border between the Majnoon oil fields and South Azadgan.


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