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2018 21 October Fa

Yadavaran oil production more than 100 mln bpd

TEHRAN (PEDEC) _ The production of oil at the joint Yadavaran field reached 100 million and 60 thousand barrels.

Noting the first phase of the development on the daily production basis of 85,000 barrels of oil in the field, Hadi Nazpour, the project manager of Yadavaran oil field development stated that about 112,000 barrels of oil is currently being harvested from this field.

He reckoned the recovery rate for light oil at about 15 percent and heavy oil at 6 to 7 percent, saying: “With around 34 billion barrels of oil reserves in the Yadavaran field, which has placed this field among the largest oil fields in Iran, the task of continuing the development process of the field in the form of new oil contracts is prioritized by the National Iranian Oil Company.”

The first phase of the development plan of the Yadavaran field was launched on November 23, last year, with a production capacity of 85,000 barrels per day.

Yadavaran oil field is located 10 km south-east of Azadegan field and about 70 km southwest of Ahwaz and north of Khorramshahr in the geographic region of Kooshk and Husseinieh north-south along the border of Iraqi border and is shared by the Iraqi Sindbad field.


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