2020 1 October Fa

Iran’s proved oil reserves up to 154.8 billion barrels

Addressing the 15th International Conference on Technology and Innovation in Oil and Gas Industry which kicked off here Tuesday in the presence of world prominent energy figures, the minister said new explorations point to untouched reserves which demand high technology for utilization.

He further pointed to Iran’s significant position in the world, citing its immense natural resources, intelligent and capable human resources, its unique geographical situation which borders 15 countries and its marine conditions.

Qasemi also noted that Iran will get to the first place in world in terms of possessing oil, gas and gas condensates regarding its hydrocarbon resources.

Turning to sanctions imposed on Iran, he said such acts only pave the way for Iran to develop the technology it needs.

Besides Iranian officials, Secretary-General of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) Abdullah Salem al-Badri, Secretary-General of the International Energy Forum Noé van Hulst and Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) Secretary-General Yahya Maroufi are to address the conference.

Representatives of several world countries including Britain, Georgia and UAE will also deliver speeches at the gathering.

Formulating a roadmap for oil and gas industry as well as promoting and applying technologies to bring a bright future to Iran’s oil and gas industries are among the major topics to be discussed during the two-day international oil and gas event. -IRNA


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