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Construction of Jask Gurreh Crude Oil Transmission Pipeline and Jask Terminal

Main Objectives

Transmission of light and heavy export crude oil and West Karoon crude oil to Jask region, as well as the storage and export of Jask’s transmitted crude oil.

Contract Type

EPC contract, including:

BOT contract including:

Geographical Location

The line begins from Gurreh, Ganaveh in Bushehr Province through Fars Province and ends in Mobarak Mount in Jask

Implementation Period

Storage tanks and offshore facilities will be constructed in the west of Jask.

The whole implementation period is estimated to be 54 months.

In the Jask site 2 refineries and 3 petrochemical complexes, which will be financed by private sector, are planned to be constructed. The accomplishment of the above project will revolutionized the region.

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