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Development Projects of Nosrat and Farzam Oilfields

Geographical Location

Farzam Oil Field is an area of some 10*15 kilometers square, which is the continuation of the northern part of Fallah Oil Field. It stretches from Dubai waters to Siri A Oil Field. The geographical location of Nosrat Oil Field is similar to that of Farzam. It lies close to Iran-Emirates marine border, 22 kilometers to the south of Siri Island.

Main Objectives

The in-situ oil of Farzam Oil Field is estimated to be some 259 million barrels of crude oil. The total production from Nosrat reservoir after the accomplishment of the development project is some 58.7 million barrels of oil and the total production rise would be 38.7 million barrels of oil. The implementation of the project brings about an increase in the production rate of both Nosrat and Farzam oil fields; the production rate of Nosrat Oil Field increases from 5,000 to 16,500 barrels of oil per day and the production rate of Farzam Oil Field increases to 15,000 barrels of oil per day.

Main Contractor(s)

Petro-Iran Development Company

Key Contractual Dates

Start of the project: May 2000

Completion of the project: Nosrat: April 2002, Farzam March 2006


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