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Development Project of Tabnak Gas Field

Geographical Location

Tabnak Gas Field lies in Lamard-Fumanestan

Main Objectives

The project aims at gathering, transmission and treatment of 45 million cubic meters of produced gas from Tabnak Gas Field. Drilling 29 production wells, workover of 6 exploratory wells, carrying out three-dimensional seismic operation, construction of access roads and drilling pits, construction of flow lines and separator units and other installations are among the activities of the project.

In the late 2003, the development of Shanool, Varavi and Homa left off the agenda of PEDEC and only the development of Tabnak Gas Field remained on the agenda.

Ministry of Petroleum put the development of the first phase of Tabnak project top on the agenda in February 2001 for production and transmission of 21 million cubic meters of gas per day to be connected to the second and the third National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) network by late February 2002. Workover and drilling of 11+1 wells were among the activities carried out in the first phase. The second phase of the project was then divided into two stages: drilling of 10 production wells and production of 30 million cubic meters of gas was carried out in the first stage and drilling of 8 production wells and production of 45 million cubic meters of gas was accomplished in the second stage.

Main Contractors

National Iranian Drilling Company (NIDC), Zir Asas, Rad Mechanic, Energy Dalan, Project and Inspection Co., Technic, Machine Foundation, Jihad Nasr-e-Fars, CTPDC, CTPS and AGP

Key Contractual Dates of Tabnak Emergency Project

Start of the project: May 1999

Completion of the project: September 2004


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