Resistive Economy in Action
2017 30 March Fa

Construction of West Karoon Power Plant and other facilities

Geographical Location

It is located 45 kilometers to the southwest of Ahwaz (by gas and liquid gas plants NGL 3200

Main Objectives

  • Power supply to West Karoon Oil Fields including, North and South Azadegan, North and South Yaran, Yadavaran, gas and liquid gas plants NGL 3200 and West Karoon Pump House
  • Construction of 400 and 230 kV electric posts
  • Construction of 150 kilometers of 230 KV power line
  • Construction of water transmission pipelines and appropriate refinery to supply water for the power plant
  • Construction of gas transmission pipelines between the power plant and NGL 3200 and Gas pressure regulating station to supply gas for the power plant
10 / 3 / 2017