Resistive Economy in Action
2017 30 March Fa

National Metering Project

Geographical Location

The project is implemented with 71 stations under 7 main management units including the Ministry of Petroleum (MoP), National Iranian Oil Company (NISOC, IOOC, ICOFC, AOGC and IOTC], National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) and National Iranian Oil  Refining & Distribution Company (NIORDC) in 15 provinces in the country

Main Objectives

  • Following the article 129.G of the Fifth Development Plan
  • Determining the country’s hydrocarbon balance and ending up with clear cut numbers in supply and change in oil products
  • Detection and controlling the waste of oil product
  • Paving the way for signing contracts for supplying food to customers and facilitating the implementation of the article 44 of Iranian statute

Project Phases

Phase 1: metering of the produced and transmitted crude oil to export points and refineries

Phase 2: metering of oil products in import/export terminals

Phase 3: metering of the supplied crude oil to refineries, supply and change of gas liquids, naphtha and gas condensates

Phase 4: gathering information, studying the feasibility of using automatic precision metering systems in input feed to gas refineries, dehydration units and petrochemical complexes, and carrying out basic engineering and preparation of tender documentation package

Contract Type


10 / 3 / 2017