Resistive Economy in Action
2017 30 March Fa

Gathering Associated Gases of AMAK

Geographical Location

In Khuzestan Province between Ahwaz, Ramhormoz, Shadgan and Bandar Imam Khomeini in an area of 6,000 meters square.

Main Objectives

Preventing the flare of some daily 241 million cubic feet of associated sour gases in the layer of Bangestan, Ahwaz reservoirs, Abteimur, Mansouri, Kupal and Maroun; increasing the crude oil production to 500 barrels per day; production of 5 million cubic meters of light gas and some daily 27,800 barrels of condensate liquid; preventing the proliferation of 9,000 tons of contaminating substances in the environment and so preventing the air pollution; dehydration and sweetening of sour gases to produce rich sweet gas; processing rich sweet gas produced in the Gas and LNG Plants 700 and 800 to produce sweet gas liquids to feed Bandar Emam Petrochemical Complex; and producing light gas for NIGC for household and industrial consumption; increasing the crude oil production through the transfer of the produced separate sour gas condensates to oil production units.

9 / 3 / 2017