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Iran’s Share of Azar OilField Unchanged

Managing director of PEDEC said: although it took several years to sign Azar oilfield development contract, we are not behind the neighboring country Iraq in developing the shared field and the Iraqi side has not extracted oil from the field yet.

On the sideline of the ceremony to ink Azar field development contract with an Iranian Consortium here in Tehran, Naji Sadouni, managing director of the Petroleum Engineering and Development Company said Azar is regarded as one of the most important joint oil fields of the country, which has remained undeveloped in the western borders.

“We haven’t lagged behind Iraq in developing Azar oil field”, he said, adding, after 6 years we managed to sing Azar field contract and PEDEC, as the sole employer of the project, has conducted all preliminary activities such as road-making, cleaning, land procurement and other activities related to the project.

Alluding to the brilliant experience of Oil Industries’ Engineering and Construction (OIEC) Company in oil projects, Sadouni said with the help of OIEC and OPIC (Oil Pension Fund Investment Company) we hope to meet early production of 30 thousand barrels of oil in 36 months and to raise the output of the field to 65 thousand barrels of oil per day in the next 55 months after completing the first phase.

According to this report, 19 wells, including 17 production wells, one delineation well as well as one water disposal well, have been drilled so far. Construction of a production unit with maximum capacity of 71 thousand and 500 barrels of oil a day has been planned and a 155-km, 16-inch pipeline is to be laid to transmit the early oil production of the field to Dehloran.

Azar oil field is located in the cape of Zagros Mountains and stretches along Iran-Iraq border, southwest of Illam province between Mehran and Dehloran cities.


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