2020 9 April Fa

Drilling of South Yaran Oilfield Kicked off

“The drilling operation of the Development Project of South Yaran Oilfield kicked off, “Managing Director of Petroleum, Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC) said.

According to Petroleum, Engineering and Development Company’s (PEDEC) Public Relations (PR), Eng. Nader Ghorbani said, “South Yaran Oilfield is a part of South Azadegan and North Yaran oilfields, and the test results of the wells show that the daily crude oil production of this field will be some 50,000 barrels.”

He also said in order to reach this amount of production we should drill 22 wells in South Yaran Oilfield. Adding, “We have installed three drilling rigs in the field so far. One of these rigs which is owned by National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) is now drilling in the field while the other will start drilling within a week.”

He said, other activities for the development of the project are as follows: mine clearance, construction of roads, receiving environmental approvals, consulting about surface and semi-surface facilities, construction of transmission pipelines, installation of power supply facilities and buildings for drilling and production.

Yaran Oilfield is a sharing oilfield along Iran-Iraq borderline in West Karoun. The produced oil of the field is transmitted to Arvandan Oil and Gas Company’s installations in Jofeir for refining and processing.



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